Man City Matches 2016

27. May, 2016

it's been a fantastic few years being a season ticket holder at MCFC - next year we have become local footie supporters and have season tickets with James at BHA


16. May, 2016

In the last game of the season against a side who decided that they could rest 5 key players, we stuttered to fourth place in the league, that is unless Man Utd score 19 goals or something ridiculous on Tuesday . At least the City fans at Swansea gave Mr Pellegrini a fitting singing farewell. Which is more than they did at the Etihad.


a new chapter begins ....

14. May, 2016

City need at least a draw from their final game against Swansea

I think they will do just that!!!!

11. May, 2016

West Ham gave City a fighting chance of a top four finish by beating Man U 3-2 in their last ever match at Upton Park.

Their supporters (just a minority) though did all fans a huge disservice by attacking the United coach carrying the players to the ground




9. May, 2016

City dominated this game but only came away with a 2-2 draw. They now face the grim reality of being overtaken for 4th place by Man Utd. United are playing West Ham on Tuesday night. - come on the hammers.

As it was the last home game, the players and manager came onto the pitch for a walkabout at the end of the game. It must have been so dissappointing for Manuel Pellegrini to be talking to a 3/4 empty stadium at the end of his 3 year tenure. Do the fans deserve a good team - I'm not so sure!