2016 News

24. Dec, 2016

The build up to Christmas is much less frantic as a retiree, but no less expensive.

Anyhow as I write this on Christmas eve, Sara and her Mum have gone to the carols at the River of Life and that gives me a few moments to sit and relax.

family transported, food bought, drinks bought, prezzies nearly wrapped ....

Christmas is on its way - nuff said


1. Nov, 2016
1. Nov, 2016

Unbeknown to Felix, his parents were pulling a fast one - while he and Mum were spending a day with Grandad in Worthing. Dad was moving them to a new house on the hill in Brighton.

1. Nov, 2016

Helen Messer became Helen Loveday in October. The wedding was a good old family affair mostly traditional but with a few personal touches from the bride and groom who both lean heavily to the 'goth' culture - full of bats and dressing up -great fun. All the usual suspects were there and I've put a few pictures in the photo album