27. May, 2016

The last last knockings for Bar Billiards

Talk about finishing with a flourish. In the Brighton League I was called up as replacement for the semi-final and final of the League Cup. Getting to the final was fairly easy and we faced the County Oak in the Final who boasted just the 5 England players in their ranks.

. . . . . . .

and despite going 2-0 down we put our backs into it and won the last 3 games (I won game 4) - BRIGHTON CHAMPIONS.

A day later with my White Hart team we repeated the feat to beat Swan Nomads in the final 5-0. So a great Cup double WORTHING and BRIGHTON CUP WINNERS

Not bad - it wouldn't be a bad time to sign off from Bar Billiards - but let's see how the hip hop goes.