2016 News

12. Oct, 2016

October is the busiest of months - lots of birthdays (Alan, Jemima, John, Mary) - wedding anniversary for James and Jemima.

More hospital visits for Edith - a wedding in Derbyshire for Helen and her new husband.

James and Jemima preparing to move house

and of course Felix shown heres porting the colours

30. Aug, 2016

Italian experience at Brio

28. Aug, 2016

Panorma pic at the China Palace, Worthing

28. Aug, 2016

Derek and Charmaine with Amelia and Grace  came on the train ( delays and poor service)  to see us in Worthing. A few hot days and then a suitably colder day for a barbecue!

21. Aug, 2016

Had to drop in a picture of number one grandson