Poor finish to the season

As the last post indicated - Priory could only finish third this year. It looks like the green will cost us dearly and there will be an exodus of players because of the poor quality surface. If the green continues to dereriorate over the next two years - the council will get their wish and the teams at Priory will cease to be.

Looks like third place now

The game against Norfolk couldnt have gone much worse. It now looks like Norfolk will finish second to Chichester, and we will be third!


The link tels the story of the complete WSBL season - improvement needed for next season


I forgot to mention the weather - 40mph wind and a torrential rainstorm - still good outdoor bowling conditions

Bowling Again

pre match chats

Just 5 weeks after my hip replacement, the Physio has said have a go at bowling. I was picked to play in the crucial league match gainst Chichester. A win at the least was needed to have any chance at all of holding onto our league title.

Sadly we lost 7-3. So now we are going to have to fight to hold on to seond place. League Report link below


Norfolk BC next week in a big match.

Really enjoyed being back today and we drew on our rink!

Looking at second place this season

Its looking very much like Chichesters year this time

Since I stopped playing the resuts havn't been bad - but lacking the killer thrust needed to win the league (nothing to do with me I add hastily)

Match reports are from my Tarring Priory Website - links are below

Worthing Pavilion C




Worthing Pavilion A


The question now is - Do I miss it?

The answer is a definite - YES! 

I'm hoping to be ready for a game or two by the WORTHING UNIFIED OPEN IN SEPTEMBER


I have entries in the Singles, Pairs and Triples


Last game for me outdoors this year I think - I skipped a winning rink against the West Sussex Tourists

Last Weekend of Outdoor Bowls

This should be my last weekend of bowls before the Op. On Saturday we play Bognor in the WSBL 1 and on Sunday I get to pit my wits as skip against the West Sussex Tourists.


14 points more ..

Saturday and Sunday back to back WSBL 1 games this weekend. We played the second placed team, Worthing Pavilion A on the Saturday, and third placed Southbourne on the Sunday.

It all worked out rather well really, 8 points on Saturday and 6 points on Sunday. Match report links to the tarring priory website

Worhing Pavilion A link


Southbourne link


One more week of bowling for me then ready for the op I hope!

Catch up time

The gathering gloom at Norfolk BC (Littlehampton)

I've been a bit remiss and not kept up to date. So very quickly. Priory with me on board carried on the great form and altogether started the season with 7 consecutive wins. the 8th game against Norfolk was one too far and we went down on 3 rinks in that game of wind and wuthering (mostly the weather)

There is now a busy weekend ahead. Worthing Pavilion A visit us for a league game and then on the Sunday we travel to Southbourne for the away match against tiitle pretenders Southbourne BC.

Another 6 points

Crows peck holes looking for Leaterjackets

Only 6 points from the WSBL 1 game against Worthing Paviion C. Enough to take us to the top of the league for one day at least. See the link below to match report on our website.















and in fact me to the top of the pecking order in the A team


cant be bad!!

The thing that is bad is the state of the green at Priory. After the deluge on Friday the crows moved in and pecked it to bits.

and the rain came down

Storm over Tarring June 2016

Bonus Matches

The new date for my operation is the 15th July, which means at least another 7 league games

The first was against Pagham away



There are at least 2 more cup games and several more friendlies - at least I got to play against the Vice Patrons and beat them!



Talking of which I can now play for the VPs in their first Billingham League Match - hooray!

As to taday - there is a friendly match against Petworth at home and an interview with the 'press' about the state the council have allowed our green to get into.