Two more fixtures in December

On Boxing Day Bank Holiday the lunchtime game is QPR just a few days later on the 30th the visitors will be Cardiff. Currently BHA are 1 point beheind Newcastle - it would be brilliant if they could start 2017 on top of the league ...

We have a different line up for QPR - John will sub or Sara in his season debut at the Amex.

A bit of a stutter - but still up there!

Brighton have played some great football this season and are deservedly up to second place in the table, but ....

...... in the last two home mtches they have really ridden their luck

Against Aston Villa a 1:1 Friday night get out of jail performnce.

In the next game against Fulham, the Seagulls didn't take off until the second half but landed two killer goals,

if you ca't be good - be lucky!

They made this one - and the next one too!

Lots of Brighton goals -

Second in the League

James and Sara couldnt make this one - but what a match. Brighton were excellent against Barnsley

Yep - I was there too

I was there too - but it great to have 3 seats together with James. as to the game a brilliant start for Brighton 3-0 against Rotherham

Debut appearance at the Amex. No lifts here just the 96 stairs to the top

First Home Game

Our new season tickets have arrived and being really nice folk have let Lauren and Dan use them to get our seats warm. Hopeful of going to the Tuesday game next week.